Resonance: the quality of relating to or exhibiting; intensified and enriched by.

OCTA's upcoming rapid bus system: Bravo!

OCTA's planning on opening its very first bus rapid line, Bravo!, next year along Harbor Boulevard, with future lines along Bristol/State College Blvd and along 17th/Westminster. This is a huge step forward for transit in Orange County as this is its first local-limited pair bus line and will attract even more riders. Even better, their lines hit a lot of attractive destinations, including the Irvine Spectrum, Disneyland, South Coast Plaza, UCI Medical Center, Balboa Peninsula, plus numerous Metrolink and Amtrak train stations, where transfers will be a breeze once 30-minute train service starts in a few years. read more→

Welcome to Resonance + the new Orange County Transit Blog

Finally, an update! (and a drawing for the first time in years.)

I didn't quite know what to do with this website for the longest time — and, in fact, I still don't. The most effective websites, I've found, offer a wealth of content for a specific niche, but for me, what exactly would my niche be? For awhile I toyed with starting my own freelancing business, but then I got employed by a wonderful 300-person Silicon Valley start-up and we got acquired by Microsoft. Then I thought of starting a "study hacks" weblog, even going so far as to register the domain name. And then, school happened. Compound this with the fact that Carolen says I'm likely in a "quarter life crisis": is there one single thing I'm interested in, that I can create a website around? A topic that can define me? I love so many different things that it's hard.

So, I'd like to start by picking a subtopic in my blog and seeing where this leads me. Transit in Orange County. I can't find another website dedicated to such an important topic in a county where cars are revered. With bus and train ridership shooting through the roof thanks to increased gas prices, plus all the cool transportation projects in the works, it's a topic ripe for discussion. I'll discuss news items, projects in the works, and tips for making transit work for you (if you happen to be in Orange County).

In the meantime, welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the redesign. read more→

Image is Everything

Public transit — especially in Santa Clara County — suffers a very negative image because it's billed as a form of transportation for the disabled, the impaired, the poor, or the senior who gave up driving. It's billed as difficult to use. It's billed as “ghetto” and unsavory. Though there are lots and lots of factors that make transit very unattractive, let's focus on one thing: does it look sexy? read more→

I graduated!

Last month, I walked across two stages and turned my tassel twice. My family — all of whom have supported me throughout the past five years — were there. My friends — who have studied, sweated, toiled, programmed computers, and dissected animals with me — all were present.

We're done! read more→

Graduation Ceremonies!

I finally get to walk at not one, but two (two! 2!!!) ceremonies. As you can see, I am quite excited.

I have lots of tickets leftover, so post a comment here if you'd like me to get you one. :)

  • Molecular Cell Biology: Friday, May 19, 2006, 7:00pm at Greek Theatre
  • Computer Science:
    Sunday, May 21, 2006, 2:00pm at Zellerbach Auditorium

Getting back into gaming

I've been playing games a little bit more lately, not just because they're fun, but because I suck at it. I should've realized this a long time ago when my own sister beat me at Bomberman, but it hasn't quite sunken in until I saw my co-worker cleanly slice through Geometry Wars, a space arcade game, on the new Xbox 360 at work.

Oh, and half a year ago, my sweetie thrashed me soundly on Puzzle Fighter.

Maybe I'm missing something. Is it because everyone else has better visual reaction times? I don't drive a car, so maybe that's part of the problem. Driving a car is essentially a game in itself, except, if you mess up, you lose your life. Literally. read more→

Microsoft Origami ultra-mobile PC's: any use in the medical environment?

At first, I was skeptical of whether such devices would even occupy the PDA niche, let alone carve its own niche. An article from eWeek seems to think so, though it lightly sketches over the details of how physicians and nurses can use the Origami. They quote a UCSF MD-Ph.D: “I do think there's a lot of interest by physicians and nurses for ultraportable PCs, especially for physicians who split their time between inpatient and outpatient settings and need something that can travel in and out of the hospitals and offices with them.” read more→

Major Asian/Pacific Islander health issues

The book Never Eat Alone suggested going to conferences to meet people: folks who share similar interests and passions, folks who can quickly become your peers, friends, and mentors. I found this to be very true at the APAMSA Western Regional Conference in UC San Francisco last weekend (Steve's very first conference! He's growing up!).

I met new people from different walks of life, including a physician and director of SF General Hospital's clinic. I even met some of my former students from way back when I taught organic chemistry at the SLC (Student Learning Center at Berkeley). I also breathed in knowledge from other folks, folks I haven't gotten a chance to meet, folks who are really at the forefront of Asian-Pacific Islander health issues, folks who run whole hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. read more→

Down to business

So, I'm thinking of starting a side business in graphic and web design, to earn more money for the *ahem*treofund*ahem* and in case I'll need it for the future. It'll be especially for folks in the sciences and health fields, but it would be for non-profits too. ;)

What do people think about these logos? And this, as a business card design? It would sure look nice on glossy cards, wouldn't you agree?

Side note: I'll be taking my very first official graphic design course at nearby Foothill College! :D Yay! read more→

Do I really need a Treo?

I'm trying to decide whether I need a Palm Treo. These gadgets are amazing devices that let you take photos, listen to music, talk to friends and family, send e-mails, surf the net, play old-school Game Boy and even some DOS games, ... yes, the list does go on. But with a subscription rate of $600+ a year, it's a rather large cost to factor in to my budget. There are plenty of areas in my life where I could use such a device. read more→

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