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I've graduated!

I should be happy. I should be ecstatic that I won't have to attend lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anymore, go through rounds and rounds of examinations, and attend office hours. I should be jumping for joy that I have done my time at Berkeley, that I am now classified as an "alum."

But when children reach the end of their school year, they all joyously proclaim,

no more pencils,
no more books,
no more teachers' dirty looks.

Somehow, "Bachelor Chan" does not quite have the same ring as "Master Chan," or "Doctor Chan." read more→

Organizing life in a pocket notebook

Last month, I tried using a pocket notebook to organize my time and my life, inspired by the productivity blog 43 Folders. They obsessively post about things to help keep life organized, heavily inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book. Some of them are obsessed with a particular notebook, called the Moleskine notebook (illustrated here), useful for not only keeping track of life, but as a haven for creative ideas, an exercise log, engineering ideas, storyboards for animations or even storyboards for one's personal day in lieu of a more formal task list. I thought I would give this a try too.

I had a beautiful set-up: a black bound notebook with ... read more→

Site fixes for better Internet Explorer compatibility

I ended up fixing the quirkiness with Carolen's suggestions and investigations into PNG issues. It seems Internet Explorer chokes if you don't specify a color under the CSS shorthand property "background":

background: url(IMAGEFILE) <color> <repeat> <position>;

After adding those in, and then tweaking the code a little bit so that the masthead was in a more manageable div area, my front page's backgrounds display quite well in Internet Explorer 6. I'm hoping Internet Explorer 7 will be easier to work with. read more→

Quirky Internet Explorer rendering

I have to test out my website quickly on Internet Explorer for Windows on campus machines (since I use a Mac). This is what my page is supposed to look like:

my page has all of its images completely loaded, and the CSS renders properly

But under IE, a lot of things go missing:

My page under Internet Explorer does not have its backgrounds fully loaded, so certain parts of the page are missing.

My head is gone!

I've also noticed some really weird mouse-hover behavior with Internet Explorer 6. I'll have to research this some more. read more→

Poking holes in the server log

I'm still working and working on molding this site into something that's content-rich, and something that's worth visiting. The front page is sorely lacking — it doesn't even match the rest of the website's themes — but I have a good idea of what to create. To the top, I'll put an introduction to myself and what the website is about. To the left, I'll place a single highlighted feature post, and the most recently-updated posts (whether they be blog or publication or image). To the right, I'll put randomly-selected "selections" from the portfolio, and the portfolio index itself. Still in Photoshop mock-up stage; I'll need to code in the PHP. read more→

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