Photoshop is my sword, and Maya is my blade. This portfolio of artwork includes a variety of works featured on the covers of technical books, the reels of animated films, and even a scientific journal.

GHHS Compassion Pen

This pen is mightiest: we distributed UCI Gold Humanism Honor Society’s National Solidarity Day pens promoting compassion on Singles Awareness Day at the UC Irvine Medical Center. Original credit idea of the pen comes from Laura Mosqueda, MD. Yes, even the colorful language. These pens proved to be extremely popular. — with Rachelle Lo, MD, February 2011 read more→

UC Irvine Outreach Clinics recruitment flyer

As part of the recruitment process, we needed to get as many physicians in the community and at the University of California, Irvine to help precept and oversee our free clinic. I created these posters to announce the opening of the clinic. This was done in Adobe Illustrator, using paintbrushes to emphasize the art and compassion of medicine. The fabulous models included my friends who were med students at the time, and now are pursuing their dreams: Carlos Rodriguez, MD at Harbor-UCLA; Adrienne Macdonald, MD at Children’s Hospital Oakland; Charitha Reddy, MD at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Jody Lin, MD at Baylor; Thuy Can, MD at UCSF & University of Chicago; and Allison Paine, MD at Children’s Hospital Oakland. read more→

Transit Advocates of Orange County publications

For a few years, I played an integral role as part of the Transit Advocates of Orange County in re-making their image with publications to help lobby the politicians to preserve public transit funding and service. These flyers, brochures, and publications helped educate the public & government officials about how transit was actually used and why it was critical for the mobility of commuters, workers & families. read more→

TransitRiderOC Chow

For the website, I wrote a short series reviewing restaurants along OCTA bus lines. This was a fun way to introduce destinations that visitors could access by using Orange County’s public transit system. The maps here illustrated all of the bus lines in the vicinity of the restaurant.

Tellme corporate demo

We delivered a major corporate presentation in the form of a 4-minute animation short demonstrating all Tellme can do with their incredible voice platform. Created with Clive Liew, Scott Strain, Dug Nichols, Emrys Kim, Sarah Caplener, Mike Vasquez, Jeff Hofmann.

  • Created in Flash, Blender, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools.
  • Completion time: Several intense weeks.

Sifter cover

This is a cover image to accompany the paper my computational biology research group is publishing through Public Library of Science's Computational Biology journal. read more→

Academic Centers 2005 brochure

A brochure to promote UC Berkeley's Academic Centers services. I created the whole design package, except for the photography.

  • Work-related Design
  • Tool: Photoshop
  • Completed: June 2005
  • Duration: A couple of weeks, off and on


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